cry_at_endings: (pic#404081)
the hero in the story ([personal profile] cry_at_endings) wrote on August 28th, 2013 at 04:43 am
Every little earthquake, every little heartbreak
Título: Heartcut
Tipo: Poesía
Notas: En inglés, algo que encontré guardado en los drafts y completé. Creo que estaba triste cuando lo empecé, pero las cosas nunca son lo que parecen.

How it quivers, my heart, in your presence
your laugh
and though you love me
I ache
with the silence of my questions
with the weight of my shame

Even when you love me I
because I'm not sure
whom is you love
I don't have a voice to tell you, afterall
about how everything that makes you happy
makes me question
the nature
of the universe
and my existence within it

The piercing pain
the feeling of love
beyond me
for you
beyond life
for you
beyond love
for you
and how
the answers pile up
in my body
and when it breaks
you will see
it's golden
and i will see
it's real

how come
are you still here?
and how sharp
are the
of my soul

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