cry_at_endings: (pic#404081)
the hero in the story ([personal profile] cry_at_endings) wrote on May 13th, 2015 at 11:25 pm
i'm sorry
 Hey, best friend, why aren't you here?

Why does the memory of you pierces me from inside out?

Why does every promise you made to me only reminds me off all the hurt in the world?

Hey, best friend

I miss you.

Hey, best friend

you were the world to me

(that's a lie, i never really liked this world we talk about)

you were inside me, filling every corner i couldn't reach

hey, best friend

i'm sorry i ate you,
(i just thought i was kissing you)

i hope you've found already

a new set of limbs
(your new heart looks rather good)

to take you far, where you want to be

hey, best friend

i promised you i'd walk places too

hey, best friend

i'm sorry

my promises are hurtful too
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